Yarn ideas

A yarn wreath for spring.

I have always wanted to be a ‘crafty’ person. When I say crafty, I don’t mean the hand-painted rocking horses and Victorian potpourri sachets for your unmentionables drawers. I mean the ‘handy’ side – able to sew a cushion, knit a scarf, crochet a blanket, make a Halloween costume, that sort of thing. Not one for classes, this means that outside of your most basic ‘home-ec’ skills, mine are (and will be) self-taught, which will almost guarantee anything but perfect results. But, that is what this Life Savoured is about – finding yourself through challenge, experience, and humor. What you’ll find here are tales of my journey as I knit, sew, felt, quilt, and glue my way to becoming a handier person to have around. And it’s fairly safe to say that with my ‘skills’, whatever I try to tackle, you can too.

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