• My ‘Crafts” inventory…

    unfinishedProject24″ x 12″ x 8″ Basket. 30″ x 14″ x 12″ Plastic 3-drawer unit. Medium Tub, small tub, small tub, small tub. This is what one will find in the corner of my family room hidden past the arm of my sleeper sofa. I don’t know when it got that way. The basket, is filled with fabric for a quilt, and yarn projects ‘in progress’. The 3 drawer unit, has knitting & crochet needles, patterns, and other tools in the top drawer, middle drawer is brimming with yarn, and bottom drawer is stuffed with fabric. Remnants and sewing projects that never even made it past phase 1.  As for the tubs…. two of the small tubs hold the pieces of crocheted blanket I started for my daughter 4 years ago, the medium is filled with the ruffle yarn I hoped to make gifts with last Christmas, and the third small tub has old yarn scraps. Half skeins from long ago completed projects.

    So here is my problem. Deadlines and accountability. The problem with crafts is that for me, they fall under the ‘hobby’ category. They get pushed to the back burner whenever something more important comes along. Couple that with the fact that the person you intended to make a project for will be none the wiser should you fall behind, or even worse, not even start, and you have the recipe for failure. So here goes. Throughout the year, I’m going to do my best to tackle the basket, drawers, and tubs. I’m hoping that writing this here will give me the accountability I need to actually make it happen, and my creativity does its part to keep me going.

    On we go!

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