• Crafting A New Year’s Resolution

    Every time I set foot into a craft store (JoAnn’s Fabrics is my current local muse), I walk out with a future project. It doesn’t matter whether or not I went in to buy some needles or another skein of yarn to finish a current one, I will always walk out with three balls of yarn for a scarf, some plaques for the kids, a felt kit for my daughter, etc., etc. Cleaning out my back family room at the beginning of this year, I realized that the results of these craft store visits have now taken over an entire corner, filling small plastic tubs, a plastic 3-drawer unit, and an obliging wicker basket. Here in lies the inspiration for my 2013 Crafting Resolution:

    • No new impulse purchases, meaning only to bridge an existing project to completion, or if a new ‘need’ arises.
    • Finish all existing unfinished projects, or adapt them into new ones.
    • Come up with ways to finish whatever materials are left – usefully, so no easy outs with pot holders (unless in need of folksy potholders – not likely)
    • The only exceptions are scraps and remnants – which can only be discarded if truly unusable

    Fortunately for me, this year, I have several friends who are expecting little ones, a daughter with a penchant for dress-up, and two kids who sleep through the night starting at a relatively early hour. The only difficulty will lie within myself, and my willingness to give up my ‘veg-out-hour’ after the kids go to bed to achieve my goal. I will be posting my progress here, and feel free to suggest new projects and patterns if you have any!

    Up next: an inventory of my supplies corner for full accountability…

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